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Experience Excellence with Rare H Minerals' Ilmenite

Ilmenite is a naturally occurring mineral known for its exceptional properties, making it invaluable in various industries. With its impressive heat resistance, magnetic properties, and chemical stability, Ilmenite stands as a versatile and sought-after mineral. At Rare H Minerals, we take pride in offering high-quality Ilmenite that meets the most stringent industry standards.

Key Features of Ilmenite

  • Outstanding Heat Resistance: Ilmenite’s ability to withstand high temperatures positions it as a vital component in industries like metallurgy and refractory materials.
  • Magnetic Properties: Ilmenite’s magnetic nature makes it ideal for various applications in the manufacturing of magnets, pigments, and specialized alloys.
  • Chemical Stability: Ilmenite’s resistance to chemical corrosion ensures its durability in harsh industrial environments, contributing to the longevity of end products.
  • Pigment Production: Ilmenite is a key ingredient in the manufacturing of pigments used in paints, plastics, and coatings, offering vibrant and long-lasting color.


Applications of Ilmenite

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