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Discover our exceptional range of high-quality minerals meticulously sourced and processed to meet your exacting requirements. At Rare (H) Minerals, we take pride in delivering the finest mineral products to enhance various industries. Explore our diverse selection below:


Exceptional heat resistance and high alumina content makes it a raw material for manufacturing aluminium.


Zircon, renowned for its brilliance and durability, finds application in ceramics, jewelry, and various industrial processes. Trust us for zircon of unparalleled purity.


Its high titanium dioxide content, is indispensable in pigment production and welding electrode manufacturing.


A valuable source of titanium dioxide, essential in the pigment and titanium metal industries.

Super Garnet

A high-performance abrasive material used in sandblasting, waterjet cutting, and other industrial applications.

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Why Choose Rare (H) Minerals

We offer premium-quality minerals that meet the most demanding industry standards. Our minerals act as a crucial raw material in various industries due to their remarkable properties. As we are dedicated to delivering top-tier minerals tailored to your unique needs.
We offer tailored solutions to meet your precise needs.
Dependable Supply
Count on us for a consistent and timely supply of minerals.
Quality Assurance

Our minerals undergo rigorous testing to guarantee exceptional quality.

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We serve clients worldwide, delivering excellence with every shipment.

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Elevate your operations with the finest minerals on the market. Contact Rare (H) Minerals today and experience the difference in quality and service.